What it’s Like Job Hunting in a Global Pandemic and Economic Recession | Kimi Kaneshina

A Graduate’s experience navigating the job market in 2020.

Dissonance Between the Purpose of College and Reality

Growing up in a middle class family, raised by parents of low-income backgrounds, education was highly prioritized in my family. This meant, my Kindergarten to Middle School years were focused on getting good grades and discovering what subjects I excelled in. My High School years were focused on becoming a “well-rounded” student, so I could be admitted into a good college.

Once I got to college, this so-called purpose didn’t dissipate. Yes, I did go to a liberal arts college, where I became a master in Authoritarian Institutions, Neuroeconomics (a combination…

One of the things I wondered when applying to internships was — what is the intern life like at x, y, z companies? I wanted to provide light to this. So I’ve illustrated a typical “day in the life” of an adidas intern. To be completely transparent, my days were usually not this packed. I personally don’t thrive off of back-to-back activities. But I wanted to create a schedule that was reflective of my weeks here at adidas. (Don’t take this schedule for granted, as it isn’t representative of all interns’ schedules.)

adidas employees are offered free adidas gym memberships…

I originally intended on writing about my first week at adidas. But, this matter seems more pressing. Two weeks ago, the New York Times wrote a piece commenting on the diversity at adidas. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to read the article, so you can gain your own perspective on the issue. Here are a few key points:

“Of the nearly 1,700 Adidas employees at the Portland campus, fewer than 4.5 percent identify as black.”

“Only three people, or about 1 percent, of Adidas’s roughly 340 worldwide vice presidents last year were black, according to two people with…

Today, I started my first “real” (post-orientation) day at adidas in Portland, Oregon.

Before I accepted this internship, I was knee deep submitting 60+ intern-applications. While it was easy to submit resumes, it was hard to find authentic perspectives of interns’ experiences. I was limited to Glassdoor reviews and a few blogs like Yuki’s, which later inspired me to apply for Spotify. After reading others’ stories, I was compelled to write about my own experience. So, join me on my adidas internship experience!

During the school year, I made the decision that I wanted a summer internship in tech or branding. So naturally, I began researching positions. …

When I was younger, I remember watching Zack and Cody only because I liked seeing another Asian American on the screen, Brenda Song. Then (whether I knew it or not at the time) when I was in middle school I started steering away from regular cable and turned to YouTube to find, “someone who looked like me.” On YouTube, I was surrounded by comedians, beauty gurus, and storytellers who all became my new form of entertainment. …

Tips from a once called hustler.

When I was sixteen, one of my first co-workers called me a, “hustler.” To give some background, the day after I turned 16, I got my first job. 4 years later, I still consider myself to be a “hustler,” driven and constantly creating action plans to achieve my goals. Naturally, one of my First Year of College Goals was to get a summer internship. Gratefully, with the help of some connections and past experiences, I was able to pursue two internships that summer. Then, fall semester of my Second Year of College, the search…

Tips from a trying-to-be bilingual

Born and raised in Southern California, it wasn’t uncommon to hear my friends speak to their parents in one language and me in another. It was the norm to attend family gatherings where one generation spoke in English and the other spoke in Chinese. This was something I had grown accustom to.

“What are you?”

“Oh, you’re mixed. Do you speak blank, blank, or blank?”

“No…” I would shamefully reply.

Choosing to attend Scripps College, meant another foreign language requirement. After gracefully deciding not to test out of Chinese, I decided to pursue another language I had always been interested…

Kimi Kaneshina

Late night thinker, outdoor adventurer, design lover, marketer, feminist

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